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ASPECTS: Earth Grid, Vortex Sites, Silk Road



10 [1+0=1; the rebirth of oneness, which symbolizes the birth of heaven] spiritual alchemists, an earth needle,

encircle a sacred vortex point on the electro-magnetic earth grid (energy meridian),

simultaneously with other alchemists (in sets of 10) at other sacred sites,

to induce earth acupuncture,

a specific harmonic remedy for planet earth,

through a specific point prescription,

at a specific astrological time.


To accomplish earth acupuncture,

Spiritual alchemists become enlightened

by being an open conduit

through zero point activation at centroid

to channel the infinite mystic potential;

thus juxtaposing heaven and earth into one,

returning their being to the source of creation.


Celestial immortals (heaven) on earth. Paradise found.




Special thanks to Gavin Ventura and Metatron.