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  • Clan Commune Period (100,000- 4000 years ago): Fu Hsi invents stone needles (bian stone, arrow-headed stone); Huang Di invents acupuncture and moxibustion


  • Old Stone Age (remote antiquity- 10000 years ago): use of stone knives and scrapers to incise absceses, drain puss and blood letting


  • New Stone Age (10000- 4000 years ago): use bian stone needles (4.5 in.) for blood letting and regulating qi, and moxibustion


  • Spring and Autumn Period, slave society (Xia, Shang, Western Zhou Dynasties) (2100- 476 B.C.): Lo-Shu, hieroglyphs on bones, bronze needle development, formation of the yin and yang, and the five elements


  • 541 A.D.: Emperor Liangwu sent doctors to Baiji


  • 6th Century: Mi Yun introduces acupuncture to India


  • 14th Century: Zhou Yin introduces acupuncture to Viet Nam


  • 16th Century: acupuncture introduced in Europe


  • Qing Dynasty to Opium War (1644-1840 A.D.): medical doctors regarded herbal medicine superior to acupuncture


  • 1914: western medicine introduced and traditional medicine bashed; although still maintained amongst the folk people


  • 1945: acupuncture clinic was opened in the International Peace Hospital


  • 1948: acupuncture training course sponsored by the Health Bureau of the People’s Government 


  • 1950: Mao Zedong adopts policy to unite western and traditional medical schools


  • 1950s: China trains Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries in acupuncture


  • 70s to now: investigations of acupuncture anesthesiology, neuroanatomy, histochemistry, analgesia physiology, biochemistry, psychology, and medical electronic technology