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Cosmological Foundation (Mythology)

Alchemical Application (Medicine)

Divination Science (Mathematics)



MISSION OF Lifestyle Consultation 

Lotusspace strives to enhance longevity, prosperity, and happiness in people's lives through the achievement of environmental harmony, and promotes peace and enlightenment through various healing modalities. Lotusspace understands that harmony between the self and the environment will create sustainable benefits for the global community. Lotusspace utilizes Oriental Medicine in order to improve one's lifestyle, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Tibetan Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine; specializing in Taoist Medicine which synthesizes spiritual aspects of the former medical systems. The alchemical medicine is derived from a cosmological foundation and directed by a code of oracle divination and nature philosophy.


Lotusspace is predominantly an information resource for the general public on Taoist Medicine.

Lotusspace also offers:

Free Lifestyle Tip: If well, primarily utilize active therapy (a balanced diet with meditative exercise; mantra, yantra, mudra). If ill, primarily utilize passive therapy (formulated Herbs, Acupuncture, massage).









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