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Hawaii Herb Pamphlet: Herbs of Hawaii


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Makiki Herb Hike 08-25-05

Hike through the lush and sacred forests of Hawaii while identifying herbs. Breathe in eucalyptus scented air to strengthen the lungs. Discover that there are many Chinese herbs that are indigenous to Hawaii. Learn to identify, prepare, and use Chinese herbs from the forest for medicine and survival. 


Herb hikes and instruction last for about four hours, and the distance length can vary depending on the student's wishes. Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island have many trails where herbs may be found. Herbal seminars include a preliminary blessing, a guided qi gong meditation, a guided hike with herbal lecture, herbal tea, herbal healing therapy, and an information packet on Local Chinese Herbs.


It is recommended to bring the following items when herb hiking: water, snacks, good hiking shoes, hat, long pants, mosquito repellant, camera, notebook and pen, plastic bags (for herbal samples), utility knife.

Transportation can be arranged if necessary.




Herb hike groups are forming. Please contact to register or for more information. See consultation for cost information.