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Herbal Healing Benefit


Fire/Heat from stove


Clay Pot


Tara Stupa: Ginseng and mint tea cooking in a clay pot under Tara.

Utensils needed:
Clay pot is preferred (glass or stainless steel is acceptable)

Decoction Cooking Instructions:
1) Empty contents into 6 cups of water
2) Bring water to a boil
3) Simmer on medium flame for 45min. (light bubble)
4) Strain liquid
5) Can be stored in the fridge and heated cup by cup

6) Cook second batch using 4-5 cups (can store both batches in one pitcher)

Drinking Instructions:
1) Dosage: drink 1/2-1 cup on empty stomach (1 hr before meals or 2 hr after)
2) Frequency: drink 1 cup/day for 3 days then take a 4 day rest from drinking (repeat this pattern for following weeks)